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Hello! This is a big day in MYKUWorld.
First: Announcing Mobile MYKU! Go to your profile and scroll down. You'll see an option to sign up and you can send mykus from your phone. They'll show up in your profile and on the mobile myku feed on the home page. They won't be able to hit the boards, unless you put them there.

Also, note changes to the home page. You'll see latest writing from the people you follow -- so get more followers to keep it all interesting!

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Welcome Writers!

MYKUWorld is social networking in condensed poetry, usually 4-lines. Here, writers converse in verse!

It’s paradise: travel the islands, meet other writers, test your ideas, challenge your creativity. Everything you write here is saved to your profile – an instant journal of your work. Let’s myku!


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On An Arctic Beach

An Arctic beach so divine and clean
luscious blue water to a shore of white
A warming sun is chilled by wind
No swim for I as polar bears skinnydip

--Julia Rose

Written 8 days ago

Mobile MYKU

Sometimes we think, its not enough, its an excess, hard to swallow

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Written 4 years ago